Karl Fischer Coulometric

The new Karl Fischer Coulometric  titrator HI 904 has been specially designed for the determination of very low water concentrations from 1 ppm to 5%. The advantage of  Karl Fischer Coulometric titrations is that the titrant is “made” in the titration vessel by electrolysis, the iodide is converted electrochemically into iodine (“electronic burette”). In the presence of chemically bound sulfur dioxide, the iodine generated reacts stoichiometrically with water. The stoichiometry of the iodine:water reaction is 1:1.


HI 904 ensures speed and high accuracy of results. HI 904 applies a constant current guaranteeing 100% efficiency to the electrodes of the electrolysis cell. The resulting iodine (titrating solution) reacts rapidly with the water to be determined (analytical substance). The Karl Fischer Coulometric  titrator automatically detects the endpoint and performs all necessary calculations.

HI 904 is equipped with a dynamic dosing system, a magnetic stirrer with optical speed regulation and a high performance processor for end point and drift determination. The analysis system was designed with the idea of ​​reducing cell conditioning time in mind.

It is equipped with an integrated air pump for solvent handling, ensuring a dry environment is maintained. The software supplied with the titrator is simple and intuitive, with optimized ergonomics for comfortable navigation on the large color screen. The titrator comes with a standard method package. The user can extend it with his own methods.


Presentation Karl Fischer Coulometric

HI 904-02 (without diaphragm) comes with dual platinum rod indicator electrode, air pump, magnetic stirrer, coulometric titration module (titration vessel, ground glass stopper, threaded sample port cap, septum, magnetic stirring bar, desiccant , desiccant cartridge, tubing kit), titration module holder with adapter, clamping screw for pump with plastic head, assembly kit for reagent bottle (cap for bottle, desiccant, desiccant cartridge, silicone fittings and tubing and PTFE), drain bottle assembly kit (drain bottle, cap, desiccant, desiccant cartridge, silicone and PTFE fittings and tubing), calibration key, reagent exchange adapter, assembly kit accessory, joint grease, Karl Fischer generator electrode (with detachable cable), USB cable, USB key, HI 900 PC Windows operating software and mains adapter.


The strong points Karl Fischer Coulometric

Precise dosing system with generator cell
400mA pulse current
Available with or without diaphragm
Molecular sieve desiccant
Prevents the introduction of ambient humidity into the sealed device while maintaining a fully operational titrator
Regenerates at 300°C
Sealed generator cell
Generator electrode
Bivoltametric platinum electrode with two rods
Drying molecular sieve in cartridge form
Replaceable septum for liquid sample addition
Opening for accessories
Integrated magnetic stirrer
Magnetic stirrer with adjustable speed from 200 to 2000 rpm
Automatic speed control optical system
Optional connection for external stirrer
Sealed measurement compartment
Reagent replacement in seconds without opening the titration vessel
Minimal exposure to ambient humidity
High chemical resistance PTFE hoses
Sealed pipe rack
PTFE caps
Caps suitable for any bottle with GL45 thread
High chemical resistance caps and accessories
Replaceable molecular sieve cartridge
Analysis cell with diaphragm
Anode/anolyte and cathode/catholyte separated by a glass membrane
Prevents the iodine generated by the anode from being transformed into iodide on contact with the cathode
Ideal for measuring extremely low concentrations, high accuracy required, presence of nitrogen compounds, particularly reducing samples
Analysis cell without diaphragm
Only one electrolyte solution required
Lower and more stable fins
Simplified cell care and maintenance
Storage of up to 100 standard or user methods
Results can be expressed in multiple units
Display of the titration curve in real time and possibility to save it in bitmap format
Multi-language support
Port for USB key
For data transfer to another PC or titration system
For software updates
Compatible with any GLP management system
Stores all necessary GLP data (calibration, date, time, operator name, company name, electrode ID code, etc.)
Optimized mixing of titrant and analyte
Digital magnetic stirrer with optical control system
Adjustable rotation speed
End point detection av precision approach
2-wire platinum electrode for bivoltametric detection
Connection for laboratory balance
Automatic sample mass integration
Easy to use
Intuitive and friendly user interface
Contextual help menu

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